Odessa High School Broncho Band

Booster Club Board Member Duties and Responsibilities




  • Direct booster meetings

  • Fill in for missing officers

  • Main representative to the directors of OHS

  • Execute requests by band directors

  • Manage finances with the treasurer

  • Recruit and support booster executive board officers

  • Primary contact for new projects

  • Coordinate communication between directors and booster organization

  • Coordinate communication among booster officers

  • Co-signs checks


Vice President

  • Fill in for President during meetings

  • Manage the chairs for each committee

  • Order shirts for new booster members

  • Submit volunteer hours monthly

  • Assist with assigning duties for Friday football games and marching contest

  • Coordinate snacks for out of town games and contest

  • Prepare sign-in sheet for monthly booster meeting

  • Assist Marching Chair with coordinating water and ice for Friday football games and marching contests



  • Ensure that requests are on the budget before checks are written

  • Deposit checks from fundraisers and band fees

  • Maintain records for taxes and submit to the accountant and IRS

  • Report to boosters that the tax return has been filed each year

  • Write checks for approved purchases

  • Reconcile the account monthly

  • Ensure that each check has a check request and proper receipt or contract

  • Pay bills for the band and color guard as requested and approved by the budget

  • Accept membership forms and fee from booster members



  • Take minutes at all meetings

  • Prepare minutes for approval at the next meeting

  • Keep bylaws updated

  • Prepare agenda for upcoming meetings


Uniform Chair

  • Inventory uniforms

  • Weigh and measure every band student

  • Size and check-out uniforms for marching season

  • Coordinate volunteers to hem and repair uniforms

  • Enter all student information into the computer prior to uniform fitting day

  • Check-in all uniforms at the end of the school year

  • Coordinate cleaning of uniforms with the directors

  • Check-in and check-out concert tuxedos and dresses

  • Assist students in finding misplaced uniforms and shakos


Fundraising Chair

  • Develop new fundraising ideas

  • Coordinate with businesses for sponsored events

  • Silent Auction

  • In charge of spirit items: t-shirts, decals, bags, photo buttons, etc.

  • Organize fundraisers

  • Collect checks from fundraisers and band fees

  • Enter payments for band fees and fundraisers into CHARMS

  • Write thank you notes for all donations

  • Social media presence (Facebook, Twitter, Remind)

  • Sell snacks to students from Booster Office

  • Maintain OHS Band web page and online store


Event Chair

  • Gift basket for opposing teams band boosters

  • Sympathy gift ($75 max) for all band members, directors and boosters

  • Coordinate and plan for: Band Olympics, alumni band event and banquet

  • Coordinate meal for the judge’s lunch at marching contest


Marching Season Chair

  • Coordinate Monday evening snack/pizza (sales table)

  • Support uniform coordinator

  • Sign volunteers in/out, hand out/collect badges and assign duties for Friday football games

  • Sign volunteers in/out and assign duties for marching contests

  • Coordinate water and ice for Friday football games and marching contests with help from the Vice President

  • Coordinate and Order game day and contest meals

Color Guard Liaison

  • Represent Color Guard at monthly meetings
  • Recruit volunteers from guard parents to participate in activities

  • Assist Guard director with requested tasks including, but not limited to, the following:

    • Organize chaperones for fall/winter guard competitions

    • Measure the color/winter guard for uniforms

    • Travel with guard to competitions (including overnight)